Greetings Veterans and visitors!
  My Name is Brad "GoGuard18" Davis and I am a co-founder of The Veterans Gaming Clan. My love of gaming started with "Combat" on the Atari 2600 and has continued through-out my life. Over the years, I have been involved in several small video game "clans", but never to the size and scope that I envision The Veterans Gaming Clan becoming. From the first conversations about the forming of an exclusive gaming community for veterans, it has been my intent for this community to serve as a one stop shop for all prior service and active duty gamers, no matter the gaming platform or game. But I want us to be more than that. During my deployment to Iraq in 2004, my mother went out and secured donations to send my unit a Play Station 2. I cannot express the joy my fellow soldiers and I had in the hours we spent around that console in our down time. It is that same idea I wish to continue with The Veterans Gaming Clan. Through donations and sponsors, we will strive to give our fellow service members that same experience. I look forward to the fellowship, and the good that I know this great community can accomplish. I thank you for stopping by, for any support you may give, and we will see you on the battlefield. 

                                                                Brad "GoGuard18" Davis - The Veterans Gaming Clan Co-Founder

About us

The gaming community has a home for just about every walk of life. In June of 2013, two combat veterans realized that there was no such home for veterans or active duty service members. The Veterans Gaming Clan  was created to give service members somewhere they could game and hang out with others who knew and understood what they were going through whether that simply meant missing the camaraderie and/or structure of military life or dealing with more severe issues such as combat related PTSD. We strive to be the premier location for all service members who play any multi-player game online. Through playing and promoting, VGC knew that there were non-veterans who shared the same mind set as service members and supported their troops. Bringing all these people together under the VGC banner, we have quickly grown and gained respect and recognition for being a tight knit, professional community. We at VGC encourage all veterans, service members, and military supporters to join our clan and help us grow within the gaming community and continue to serve our troops.

The VGA Founder's Perspective

Since I, as an ex-military member have left my branch of service to pursue my life in the civilian world I have always felt a small emptiness, a feeling that something important was missing from my life now that did not include my family. That emptiness was the camaraderie and fellowship that comes with being in a tight knit team called the military. I missed the knowledge that the guy I was talking to, or standing to left or right of had been through, seen, and experienced the same things I had and that when I was down he or she would have my back and help lift me up...That I was not alone in the things I had done and the places I had been.

Well this Clan for me has filled that void, it has brought back to me that feeling of brotherhood and fellowship that had been missing and that usually can only be found in the military and I thank each and every member of this Clan for that. 

But this is not only a Clan to meet and fellowship with others like myself...No.....This Clan is far different, this Clan has a vision....A vision that encompasses all of our brothers and sisters who have served and who are serving still....A vision that through our efforts if we can make life more bearable, or to help at least one of these brothers and sisters then we have done a great thing......

I am most proud to be a member of the Veterans Gaming Clan.

                                                                                 VGC SapperTroop - The Veterans Gaming Clan Co-Founder