You Got Razored:

"When looking for a clan I noticed VGC. I liked that they where more than just a gaming clan and are helping our veterans/soldiers. Being a non vet, I never felt like an outsider and everyone was welcoming and made me feel at home. The VGC has taught me a lot in World of Tanks XBOX and all the members where willing to help. Even just grinding a certain tank/tier or on weak spots and map tactics. They made a me better player and one couldn't ask for a better bunch of people to game with."

Being part of the Veterans Gaming Clan is more than a group of people together with a common goal or interest. The VGC is a brotherhood, a family. Please, don't just take our word. Here are a few examples of how our members feel about having the honor of calling VGC home.


"As most of my fellow brothers may know I share my profile with my two big thanks are to the ones who know who I'm talking will sometimes jump in a game while playing destiny or jump in Forza 6. You don't hesitate playing with my boys. Bottom of my heart I thank you. It just goes to show you all this is a great clan to be in and we treat each other like family. Thanks guys"

"I have been retired from the Army since 1990.  Being an NCO in the Army for 20 years has made it difficult for me to adjust to civilian life. I have always felt as if something was missing since leaving active duty.  Then, I found the Veterans Gaming Clan.  I instantly knew what that "something" was; the fellowship, brotherhood and camaraderie of my brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces. I have, not since leaving active duty, found a place where I feel truly comfortable and "at home" as I have here with the VGC.  I am proud to be a member of the VGC and what it stands for.  Couldn't ask for a greater bunch of people to be associated with. To my extended VGC family;  VGC For Life!! Hoo-Rah!!"

PhonedTree VGC:

"Being a member of VGC is a privilege that brings many rewards. It is a group of individuals that want to make a difference, share common experiences and are there for you when you need it. The members of VGC take great pride in themselves and their clan. With all great privileges come great responsibilities. When you are a member of VGC you represent every one of your clan mates. Your words and actions reflect not only on yourself but the entire clan. Members of VGC thrive on the challenge of meeting the requirements of the Code of Conduct and holding themselves to a high standard because they know failure is not an option. They will not let the clan down. We are VGC"


Thoughts  From Some Of Our Members

cmStone: VGC Alpha Company, 4th Platoon.
AKA Chris, from New Hampshire; Civilian.

"Growing up on my grandfathers' stories of WWII and having spent a lot of time at Otis AFB where my Uncle served, I had an interest in the military and its hardware from an early age. As I got older I started to learn not only the history of the machines, but of the heritage of the Soldiers behind them. The values of the Men and Women who choose to serve are to be admired.

When I began looking for a gaming clan they all looked the same, save one. The VGC clearly stated Respect as one of it's fundamental principles. This was not something that I had expected from an online gaming clan. What I expected less was to find out that games were just the tip of the iceberg. A Veterans support group on so manylevels, I hear the friendships in the headset, our common interest is gaming but the common purpose is to help Vets and Active Duty Brothers and Sisters. I like to think of it more of a Community than a clan.

Being in the VGC gives me a great group of people that I have a great time with. The VGC also gives me the opportunity to give back to those who have already given so much. History will remember the big names that commanded the big battles, it's up to us to remember the Men and Women who fought those battles.

Sincerely, Stone."